Peace and Conflict study are a part of my background. I work as a guide here at Svalbard and it gives me every time a unique inside in humans and their behaviour. To combine that with my background it makes everything complete for the next process in solving problems. Even nature is a teacher and there we can learn a lot about our self’s and our surroundings. My work is not based only on solving problems but  even to give people a challenge in life, teambuilding built on a  philosophical level is incredibly challenging. 

Conflict resolutions, working with people and conflicts have multiple levels in our daily life and nature has his own ways to show it. It`s not always easy to solve conflicts at work or in your private life even in companies.

There are many unpleasant situations where it is often better to use someone from outside to see the problem with different eyes and ways to solve it. Problems are always coming to the service because humans have the tendency to ignore problems and then it is often too late. When you reach the level of too late, then it is  time to solve it before it becomes part of your daily life. Problems on long terms who has become like daily water has very often an unpleasant outcome. 

We use very often words like I should have, how can this happen, what is going on in here and why I was not informed about it, Why! Look first for the "Why" and then for the «How" than it is time to find a solution. Because the how is driven by the motivation of "Why"

 "Be always one step ahead before you have an upcoming problem"